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Meet Our Team: Exceptional Individuals

Our Exceptional Team: At the heart of JVT’s triumphant journey are the extraordinary individuals who make up our team. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge, forged in the crucible of science and deep-rooted understanding of technology. This unique blend equips us with an unparalleled vantage point, enabling us to discern and tackle industry voids with precision and innovation.

With the perfect fusion of scientific expertise and technological acumen, our team is more than just a group of individuals – we are a powerhouse of talent, ready to drive innovation, create solutions, and make a difference in the world of strategic human resource management, technology consulting, and the life sciences industry.

Leadership Team

Torin Dragsbaek


John Wooldridge

Vice President of Client Services

Ovrille Gonsalves

Director of Recruiting & Training

Chintan “Calvin” Raval

Director of Strategic Recruitment Operations

Tonya Dockwell

Operations Manager

Business Development

Robert Hayes

Senior Client Services Manager

Shawn Roderick

Senior Client Services Manager

Rich Griffin, Jr.

Manager Life Sciences Client Services

Recruiting Team

Jeff Reed

Principal Recruiter

Michael Liuzza

Principal Recruiter

Alex Fay

Permanent Recruiting Manager

Brian Jobin

Principal Recruiter

Eric Carmody

Life Science Recruiting Manager

Trevor Hoffman

Principal Recruiter

Jordan Paulding

Principal Recruiter

Jared Potter

Principal Recruiter

Christian Griffith

Principal Recruiter

Prathyush Kotamarti

Senior Technical Recruiter

Matthew Napoli

Principal Recruiter

Thomas "TJ" Medlin

Principal Recruiter

Rob Wallace

Principal Recruiter

Nathan Frongillo

Senior Technical Recruiter

Brian Potts

Senior Technical Recruiter

Austin Tierno

Technical Recruiter

Derek Crowley

Technical Recruiter


Lorraine Savage

Accounting Manager

Suzie Toomey

Senior Administrative Assistant

Caitlin LaBrie

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Jones

Human Resources Administrative Assitant