JVT Advisors

Tonya Dockwell

Operations Manager

"I strive to give the best customer service both internally and externally so that everyone’s experience with JVT is the best it can be."

Tonya brings a diverse range of skills and talents to JVT's administrative team. As our Operations Manager, Tonya uses her exceptional organizational, time management, and multi-tasking capabilities to keep our company moving forward at maximum capacity. Tonya has extensive administrative experience in both large and small office settings, with a proven track record of helping companies drive mission-critical initiatives across the finish line. She's resourceful, creative, and cool under pressure – all traits that make her perfectly suited to thrive in JVT's fast-paced and dynamic corporate environment.

Happy Place:

The Beach!

Personal Motto:

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

People who talk with their mouth full of food!

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