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Why Choose Us

From the very beginning, JVT has always built our success (and the success of our partners) by building relationships.

Don't get us wrong – we are innovators. We know the value of leveraging technology and digital communication in today's fast-paced, globally connected markets. However, we still firmly believe that old school, one-to-one conversations are the best way to develop long-term, professional relationships founded on trust, honesty, and integrity.  

Not to brag, but our (ahem) "classic" communication approach has served us well. Many of JVT’s current clients and candidates are connections made through 26 years of hands-on, face-to-face information technology recruiting for the greater Boston area. At JVT, we make it our mission to know the people, decision makers, and the ever-changing landscape of IT recruiting – it's just one of the many differentiators that sets us apart from our competitors.

Most importantly, at JVT we don't just want to meet your hiring expectations – we want to exceed them. We take our commitment to customer service excellence on both sides of the hiring equation very seriously. Whether you are seeking high-performing talent to fill in your staffing gaps, or are ready to change the course of your career, the team at JVT will focus on your specific staffing requirements and deliver a personalized recruiting approach. Whatever your search needs, we can help you find your fit - that's the JVT promise and difference!


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