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Jared Potter

Principal Recruiter

As a seasoned Principal Recruiter with over 4 years of experience, Jared specializes in the Life Sciences sector. He brings a wealth of expertise in recruiting for roles spanning from GMP Manufacturing, Quality/Compliance, pre-clinical research, clinical operations, process development, etc.

Jared adeptly manages a diverse range of digital and traditional recruiting resources to identify top-tier talent for critical roles. His focus extends beyond thorough candidate prescreening; Jared is committed to building meaningful professional partnerships. A natural people person, he welcomes the opportunity to connect with professionals in the life sciences space, facilitating optimal candidate-client matches and long-term success for all.

Jared graduated from Bridgewater State University. He joined JVT early in his career and has developed the keen ability to leverage his skills, resources, and capabilities effectively. Jared's dedication to aligning applicants with the right opportunities reflects his commitment to excellence and makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Personal Motto:

The best is yet to come.

Three Hobbies I Enjoy:

Hockey, golf and snowboarding. 

What's Your Favorite Thing About Working For JVT?

The employees I get to work with every day!