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Alex Fay

Permanent Recruiting Manager

"I enjoy solving problems for both candidates and clients, digging in on new roles/companies and finding out uncovered details or needs, then matching and filling these positions with motivated professionals."

Before joining JVT in March 2020, Alex worked 10+ years in the staffing industry as both a Recruiter and an Account Manager. Alex quickly made his mark, and promoted to Manager of JVT’s Permanent Recruiting Division in 2022.  

Even with his extensive experience, Alex seeks to continually grow and improve his craft at JVT, solving problems for both candidates and clients. Alex partners with JVT Clients to understand their business, projects and vision. He uses his extensive knowledge to advise them on the best staffing strategies to help them achieve their business goals. 

Alex makes it a point to really get to know his candidates, gain credibility and trust, and develop long-term relationships. He works with companies and job seekers to identify their needs, manage expectations and match the right candidate with the right client. 

“JVT has excellent, long-term clients,” Alex said. There is low internal turnover, and the recruiters are motivated, sharp, and work collectively to help achieve the company’s goals.”

Alex attended Union College and received a degree in Psychology. But soon after graduating he realized what he was meant to do.

“Does the opportunity I have match the needs of the candidate? To keep the ball rolling, constant communication, as well as setting expectations, are integral to the process.”

3 hobbies I enjoy most:

Fishing, golf, darts

When I was a kid, I wanted to be:

Park Ranger or Psychologist

Top bucket list item:

Own a fishing cabin on a lake