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What Our Clients Are Saying

They Get the Job Done

We recently engaged JVT Advisors to fill 3 important software engineering positions in a very tight Boston market. JVT was efficient and professional. They interviewed our managers to identify not only the required technical skills, but also the attributes that would ensure the right cultural fit for our company and location. They always valued a manager's time and were prepared and thorough. Of the resumes we received, a majority were promising enough for follow-up, as opposed to a tiny minority from the popular job sites. I whole-heartedly recommend JVT Advisors. They get the job done and are easy and fun to work with.

Rick Bross, Sr. VP of Research and Development, Zoomi Inc

JVT Understands Our Needs and Cares

I met Rich and the team at a summer networking event and immediately felt a connection. The first role we worked on together had been open for several months already and the unique nature of it was proving difficult to match through usual channels. Rich immediately understood our needs, articulated them perfectly back to me and found us two exceptional candidates. Communication throughout is always quick and efficient and I find the candidates have a far better understanding of the role than if they hadn’t met us through JVT. Some other firms I’ve worked with tend to throw everything at you and hope something fits, but what impresses me most about JVT is the care they take to understand the specifics of what you’re looking for and send only the best matches.

Samantha Hullah, Head of Process Development, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

JVT is My Go-To Agency

I’ve worked with JVT for many years and they will continue to be my “go to agency” for my technology recruitment requirements. I’ve always found their staff knowledgeable and most importantly, good people to work with. For many difficult to recruit positions, JVT always provide quality candidates, who are well briefed and prepared for our recruitment process.
They’ve been able to move fast and to take action when they’ve needed, flexible when they needed to be and in some cases extremely patient, recognizing that goal posts often move during the hiring process! JVT have taken the time to understand our business and requirements, proving to be a great a recruitment partner.

Post Sales Delivery Manager, Cyber Security Software Company

A True Partner

I have had the pleasure of working with JVT for a decade. Truly the word partner applies. They are professional, responsive, flexible and able to source and deliver what I ask for. Despite working in perhaps the most challenging discipline of technology, they are subject matter experts in their market, listen for the skills and experience we seek, and understand how to match to our cultural fit. They only submit candidates who are of interest and never waste my time with anyone irrelevant. They have surprised me with the breadth of disciplines they cover, the speed with which they can find talent, while also have the patience and persistence to dig in on the hard searches. On top of all that, they are genuine people who are fun to work with.

John G. Thomas, HR Manager, Samsonite

Nothing but Positive Results

I’ve had the pleasure of working with JVT Advisors for two years now, and I have had nothing but positive results. JVT has delivered us top-notch candidates and makes the sometimes-cumbersome recruiting process simple and enjoyable. They are not aggressive or pushy like many agencies in the market, and are responsive, fun and professional with all communications. They have helped me with everything from recruiting to getting a handle on the market value of our open roles, which has been instrumental, especially as I am relatively new to the world of recruiting. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire great talent.

Alysa Shea, HR Manager, Nanigans