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What Our Clients Are Saying

Key Role in My Successful 20 Year IT Career

I was working at a company in Newport , RI in 1998 in an entry level position when Torin got me an interview at what was then Daly Commerce, now Infor Global Solutions. That job set me on an incredible IT journey...5 yrs at Daly, 10 years at Fidelity Investments, and now in what I call my retirement position at Florida Family Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Torin and JVT has also helped many of my good friends and peers over the years who are still in the companies JVT helped them get into. I want to thank Torin and JVT on their 20 year anniversary. Thank you for your role in launching my successful 20 year IT career.

Michael Conway, Florida Family Insurance

They Coached Me Through the Process

As a candidate, I was extremely happy with the way in which JVT managed the opportunity which I was applying for. Recruitment is a tough industry and agencies are always going to need to deliver bad news to someone! Personally, I look for open and regular communications, without the need to chase the agency for updates. JVT certainly ticked that box and additionally coached me throughout a very elongated interview process. I was thoroughly guided on who I was meeting with, their background and the likely questions I’d be asked. Preparation is everything and JVT were alongside me, advising me and providing feedback continually. As a company, I’ve always found their employees and management to be great to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them in the future!

VP of Professional Services, eProcurement Software Company

An Excellent Listener

JVT helped me to find my current opportunity and I have to say that working with them was an absolute pleasure! Chris took the time to understand my experience, accomplishments and skills. Most importantly, he is an excellent listener and all around communicator. He listened and understood what I wanted out of my next opportunity. Chris was able to find the right job for me. Everything went very smoothly and I am very happy in my new position. I would gladly recommend Chris and JVT to others who are currently exploring opportunities in the job market. He is a total professional!

Robert Conroy MBA, CIA, CISA, CMA, CFM, Senior Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Professional

They Kept Me in the Loop

I cannot be more positive about my experience working with JVT Advisors. I was contacted directly by Chris Silva, a recruiter with JVT, who came across my resume on one of the job sites where it was listed. Chris was professional, asked all the right questions, provided all the details around the job and the company. We discussed a specific position that matched my background and experience and, after the initial phone screening, I went in and met with him at their office in Andover. Chris kept me in the loop throughout the interview process and I'm happy to say, he was right. It was a perfect fit. I highly recommend Chris and JVT! Great agency. Great experience.