JVT Advisors

President's Club Award Winners Announced

President's Club
Jake, John, Chris, Andrew, Ovrille, Shawn, Rob

Earning a distinguished spot in the President’s Club, JVT President Torin Dragsbaek recognized honorees by personally acknowledging their accomplishments, highlighting their strengths and thanking them for going above and beyond.

In addition to being honored at the team meeting, each award winner will receive an all-expense paid cruise vacation in the Caribbean.

2017 President’s Club Winners are:

  • Robert Hayes
  • Chris Rouleau
  • Ovrille Gonsalves
  • Brian Taborda
  • Shannon Kossakoski
  • Ryan Ewing
  • Shawn Roderick
  • John Wooldridge
  • Andrew Kladder              
  • Jake Milette
  • Torin Dragsbaek

Congratulations to all members of the JVT Advisors team for an exceptional 2017.