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Employment Type: Contract

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Job Description

Contract Length:  12-24 months

Job Summary:  This company is implementing Workday Adaptive Planning, a financial planning and management reporting tool, to all its subsidiaries.  The implementation will be done in multiple phases over a 12–24-month time frame. This role is a direct contributor to the establishment of the new business processes and tools.

  • Gain a general understanding of the company’s current planning and reporting processes.
  • Collaborate and provide input into the design of the new planning process and reporting.
  • Perform testing to ensure the tool is working as intended.
  • Work with the finance team and business counterparts to ensure the needs and objectives of the implementation are met.
  • Create documentation to support the processes and that will serve as a resource going forward. 
  • General Experience:
    • Proficient in using Adaptive Planning (formerly known as Adaptive Insights) for budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning.
    • Hands-on experience with Adaptive Planning functionalities, including model building, report creation, and scenario analysis.
    • Implementation experience, including data validation, model testing and feedback, process documentation, and end-user training.
  • Reporting and Dashboards:
    • Proficiency in creating and customizing reports and dashboards in adaptive planning to effectively communicate financial information to stakeholders.
    • Understanding of building, updating, and maintaining HTML Reports and OfficeConnect reports
  • Model Building:
    • Ability to maintain complex financial models within Adaptive Planning.
    • Experience adding and maintaining dimension values in Workday Adaptive Planning
    • Experience using modeled and cube sheets in Workday Adaptive Planning
    • Understanding of complex company structures and using alternate reporting hierarchies through level and account attributes in Workday Adaptive Planning


Brian Jobin
Principal Recruiter

Focusing in the technology practice area at JVT Advisors, Brian enjoys partnering with candidates to help land them their dream job.

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