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How Companies Can Land Top Tier Gen Z Talent

Just when we thought we had a handle on the millennial talent pool, an entirely new generation hits the workforce with new strengths, skills, and expectations. The latest generation poised to enter our hiring collective consciousness? Generation Z. 

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Posted 5/23/2018

H-1B Visa Program: Stealer Of American Jobs Or Tech Shortage Solution?

VisaCongress has recently introduced legislation in hopes of overhauling the H-1B Visa process, shining a light on the long-standing program and creating a major disconnect between U.S. employers and U.S. employees. Tech companies are on one side of the H-1B discussion, insisting there's a real and significant shortage of technical talent. However, on the flip side, many American programmers and developers maintain that H-1B visa workers are stealing their jobs. Naturally, one might wonder, can both arguments be true at the same time? 

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by Ovrille Gonsalves  | 

JVT's Take on the Learning and Development Staffing Model

L&D Staffing ModelAfter years of working in recruiting and staffing, I recently began to explore the world of Learning and Development (L&D). Quite frankly, I love the career shift of my new chosen field. It's been an eye-opening experience seeing the passion of L&D professionals as well as their dedication to their craft as they certify and educate themselves to educate others. 

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by Ryan Ewing  | 

LinkedIn: What Recruiters Want To See On Your Page

LinkedInLinkedIn is a proven resource for recruiters filtering through the masses to pinpoint diamond-in-the-rough talent for their job opportunities. Beyond sourcing new candidates, recruiters are also leveraging this social media powerhouse to vet candidates already working through the hiring process as well.

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by Blain Poulin  | 

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