JVT Advisors

Nathan Jenness

Business Development Manager

Nate joins the JVT Advisors team as a Business Development Manager. In this role, Nate is responsible for researching new client prospects as well as expanding current customer accounts. Once he identifies a growth opportunity, Nate springs into action, contacting leaders and stakeholders across multiple industries to pinpoint staffing needs and deliver customized talent solutions that eliminate performance gaps and drive overall corporate results.


Before joining the JVT team, Nate took several classes at Southern New Hampshire University and spent four years on active duty in the Marine Corps, with one tour to Iraq. He also has six years of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in recruiting and business development. His unique background and experience will serve him well here at JVT, helping him meet and resolve each client's distinctive needs and challenges.

If I Wasn't at JVT, I Would Be:

Owner of a fishing charter on a tropical island.

When I Was a Kid I Wanted To Be:

Professional Soccer Player

Three Hobbies I Enjoy Most:

Fishing, golf and skiing

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