JVT Advisors

Justin McKay

Principal Life Sciences Recruiter

Avoid distractions. The more you distance yourself from purposeless activities, the more time you free up to bettering yourself.

Justin is a JVT Advisors Recruiter, specializing in our Life Sciences & Technologies practice. Though new to our crew, Justin is a well-established industry pro. Prior to joining JVT, he spent 14 years working in the staffing vertical, building his professional talent network as well as helping candidates with a wide range of skills, talents, and experience levels find their next perfect employment opportunity.

Here at JVT, Justin specializes in a multitude of technology verticals, which isn't surprising considering he studied Computer Science in college. His role is diverse, fast-paced, and always changing. As a kid, Justin used to play the violin and thought about being a doctor. However, as an adult, Justin knows being a recruiter is an excellent fit for him. Every day brings a new opportunity for Justin to do what he likes most about his job: work hard to tap into the latest resources, innovations, and platforms to help people find the right open position to enhance their skill sets and keep their careers moving forward.

Biggest pet peeve:

When someone doesn't answer the phone, or text back.

What makes you a good recruiter?

Hard work

Favorite thing about working at JVT:

The people.

We elevate
the careers of talented people.

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