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Who's Interviewing Who?

Posted on by John Wooldridge

Interview notesFinally, the budget is approved and you’re ready to expand your team with a new hire - congratulations! There’s just one problem…you’re not alone. Like, at all. The competition for top talent is fierce, which means the hiring process just got a whole lot more complicated. 

In today's candidate-driven market, applicants are turning the tables and screening hiring managers to ensure an opportunity is their best possible fit before making a final decision.

The Interviewer Becomes The Interviewee: Can You Sell Your Business Better Than The Competition?
Are you ready to use your time in the interview room to not only qualify potential candidates, but also to sell, sell, sell and land the best prospects every time? If you don't know how to deliver an effective sales pitch during an interview, be prepared to lose your frontrunners to managers that do. Career Builder's annual forecast on 2018 hiring trends revealed that 45% of hiring managers currently have jobs they cannot fill because they cannot find qualified talent. Worse yet, a whopping 58% report current job openings that stay open for 12 weeks or longer.

But wait, there's more.

According to the same report, statistics show that 40% of workers plan to change jobs in the New Year. This means that 2018 won't only be a year where managers may struggle to find talent; it will also be a year where executives may struggle to keep talent. This is especially true within the IT hiring market where high numbers of open opportunities coupled with low unemployment rates make sourcing available, top-tier talent tougher than ever.

Get Ready To Sell, Sell, Sell
Don't risk missing out on industry innovators simply because you're not ready to pitch and close the deal. It's officially time to stop winging it in the interview room. Here are a few vital tips to ensure you're prepped and ready to land the very best applicants in your vertical before they move on to hear what your competitors have to offer:

Do Your Homework
We all expect candidates to brush up on company history, services, and differentiators. It's time we do the same. Always review the job description and the candidate's resume in advance so you understand the specific qualities and skills you need to evaluate for the most efficient hire possible.

Value Time Parameters
Respecting a candidate's time can go a long way in making a great first impression about your company. If something unexpected occurs in your schedule, swap appointment times with someone else on the hiring team to keep the process moving forward seamlessly.

Be A Brand Ambassador
Not comfortable delivering anything that even remotely looks like a sales pitch? Don't. Instead, speak openly about discerning factors like the company's values, shared successes, internal corporate culture, and growth vision.

Make A Final Decision-Quickly
Gone are the days where hiring managers could methodically work their way through several rounds of candidates before leisurely extending an offer. Provide prompt feedback on leading prospects to your recruiting partners to expedite the hire. In this market, failing to execute on superior talent just in case there's someone "better" means you will lose out (again and again) to your competitors who knew a great candidate when they saw one.

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John "Woody" Wooldridge is Senior Business Development Manager with JVT Advisors. Since 1999, he has been a committed member of the JVT team creating valuable client and industry partnerships.

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