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The State Of JavaScript Today

Posted on by Jake Milette

JavascriptWe all know the technology landscape changes at the speed of light. However, even innovation plays favorites and grants interminable staying power to a few popular languages. Case in point: JavaScript.

First launched in 1995, JavaScript is still one of the hottest (if not the hottest) languages on the market right now. ITJobsWatch recently ranked JavaScript as the 2nd most in-demand programming language in the UK and 4th in the US. With the myriad of frameworks available to developers (think React, Angular, Node, Vue, Ember, and countless others) the JS ecosystem continues to thrive.

JavaScript: A Slow And Steady Climb To Technology Immortality
Several factors are fueling JavaScript's unwavering popularity with companies in essentially every industry. JavaScript has the advantage of being the only language written into browsers. Given the tedious pace of the browser implementation racket, it is like to be the only language ever written into browsers; a fact that makes JS virtually immortal…at least for the foreseeable future.

JavaScript's established foothold in the server side of the technology world using frameworks like Node.js has only strengthened JavaScript's versatility, with large companies and startups alike quickly adopting JavaScript as a full stack solution for software engineering efforts. As more and more businesses follow suit, JS demand will only continue to grow.

 JavaScript Developers Are (And Will Continue To Be) In High Demand
What does this mean for IT/technology candidates? Now is a great time to be (or become) a JavaScript developer. Recent stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast a far more significant demand for web developers than any other tech profession. By 2024, the number of JavaScript development positions is expected to have grown by 27% (compared to 2014 levels); this equates to an enormous 148.5K additional web development jobs on an annual basis.

Can We Help You Find Your Next JavaScript Opportunity?
Best of all (for candidates) there is a serious shortage of JS talent, which has only heightened hiring urgency. At JVT Advisors, we know there are thousands of companies actively pursuing (and willing to pay handsomely) skilled, talented JS applicants. Want to learn more? Visit our website today for current JavaScript opportunities and projects.

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Jake Milette is recruiter on the JVT Direct-Hire team. A dedicated member of the JVT team and recent 2017 President’s Club honoree, Jake enjoys connecting top talent with cutting-edge tech companies.

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