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2018 IT Hiring Trends

IT Job TrendsEven though the year has only just begun, 2018 predictions about IT hiring already abound. According to a wide range of digital surveys and reports, 2018 is forecasted to be an exciting year for IT candidates seeking employment, particularly those searching in the Boston area. 

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Posted 1/9/2018

What Do Hiring Managers Look For In A Senior Software Engineer?

Stand outNo matter where the IT hiring pendulum swings, senior software engineers consistently remain an in-demand talent for a wide range of corporate enterprises. However, as the employment market continues to heat up, many qualified, vetted software engineers are still sourcing their next employment opportunity. Why? 

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by Andrew Kladder  | 

5 Ways To Become (And Stay) An In-Demand Learning & Development Consultant

Learning and DevelopmentIf you're an experienced Learning & Development contractor, you already know the perks of gig employment within this vertical. Job flexibility, engagement variety, and an increased hourly rate are just some of the many advantages enjoyed by skilled L&D consultants. While contracting in the field has its benefits, securing steady employment can pose a problem for even the most skilled L&D contractors.

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by Ryan Ewing  | 

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