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LinkedIn: What Recruiters Want To See On Your Page

LinkedInLinkedIn is a proven resource for recruiters filtering through the masses to pinpoint diamond-in-the-rough talent for their job opportunities. Beyond sourcing new candidates, recruiters are also leveraging this social media powerhouse to vet candidates already working through the hiring process as well.

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by Blain Poulin  | 

6 Tips To Optimize Your Resume

Resume TipsReady to begin your job hunt? Often, a successful search starts with an updated resume. No matter how fast and far the job search landscape evolves, hiring managers and recruiters still rely on a well-formatted, well-communicated resume when screening prospects. 

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by Blain Poulin  | 

Who's Interviewing Who?

Interview notesFinally, the budget is approved and you’re ready to expand your team with a new hire - congratulations! There’s just one problem…you’re not alone. Like, at all. The competition for top talent is fierce, which means the hiring process just got a whole lot more complicated. 

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by John Wooldridge  | 

The State Of JavaScript Today

JavascriptWe all know the technology landscape changes at the speed of light. However, even innovation plays favorites and grants interminable staying power to a few popular languages. Case in point: JavaScript.

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by Jake Milette  | 

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